• Green Asparagus, Purple Onions and Red Potatoes

    from Scott Sutherland @ifyougiveamanapan A delicious and healthy side dish is always good. A colorful one is even better!

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  • Chicken and Broccoli Skillet Meal

    from Scott Sutherland @ifyougiveamanapan The weather’s getting warmer and comfort food is calling my name. This evening I made this chicken and broccoli casserole which is always a family favorite and people pleaser. A few years ago I found a discarded set of Lodge cast-iron skillets. I imagine they were probably a wedding present and…

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  • Rosemary and Time

    When we first moved into our California house, there was a VERY overgrown bush tucked in between the oleander and a yet-to-be-determined hedge. It was overgrown and dead in places and clearly hadn’t been manicured or tended to for quite some time. It was on the backlist of things to get around to. Any yet,…

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