• MUSICAL CHAIRS by Amy Poeppel

    “To drink coffee on my stoop each morning and gin on the roof at night…” – Will, commenting on what he loves about living in New York City MUSICAL CHAIRS was an enjoyably quick and entertaining read and my first Amy Poeppel book. It has been sitting on my shelf for a few months now,…

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  • GHOST by Jason Reynolds

    I miss Castle. I realize this isn’t something I need to hide (anymore.)┬áBut you have to understand, I started this secret habit back before it was cool. I was a full-fledged adult with full-fledged middle school and high school children when Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants first came out. I hid in my bedroom and…

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  • THE SECRET GARDEN by Frances Hodgson Burnett

      I was in a bad temper and talking ill of folk and she turns around to me and says ‘Thou doesn’t like this one and thou doesn’t like that one. How does thou like thyself?’ Next year, I am determined to read more classics. When I find myself thinking, ‘Have I read this already?…

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