Deeply thankful.

Since Scott works next week, we decided to have our Thanksgiving dinner together on Friday. When your family is sitting down to turkey next Thursday we will be in the oh-no-not-turkey-again stage of leftovers.

This was supposed to be a table set for five. Our children were going to be here all at one time and I could imagine the talking and laughing and plates being passed. But then Corona took over and cancelled all our plans. Flights that had been booked for months were re-adjusted to a later (unknown) time in 2021. This was so disappointing at first, but I find myself, today, deeply grateful for cancelled plans. From the time we decided to eliminate plans for Thanksgiving (and Christmas) until now, the COVID rates have skyrocketed. It would worry me far too much to think of my children getting on planes with other holiday travelers and either getting the virus themselves or bringing it to our home. We have all worked so hard for six months to avoid this horrible virus. A vaccine is on the horizon so why not hang on just a bit longer. We can do it. Our decision was one of love for each other and respect for the fight we have been putting up so far to keep COVID at bay.

So instead, it was just me and Scott. We started listening to Christmas music this week and began putting up our trees and holiday decorations. It is, by far, the earliest we have ever done this but this year, I think we are all wanting a change of pace. We need the joy and promise of Christmas.

6, 893 attempts at one little picture. In the end, we are just going to have to settle on the best we can get with a 9-month-old puppy. We didn’t even attempt to include our cat, Haddie, imagining the cat and dog chase down the center of the table.

Scott played all the cooking hits. Lots of carbs and calories, but oh-so-many memories. He worked on the meal (with Tilly’s help, sampling the food) while I worked on the house. Before long things were looking and smelling like the holidays.

We included a family favorite: Strawberry Pretzel Salad. Mom used to make this salad/dessert and we all looked forward to it every year. It is, actually, a big pain to make. Maybe that’s why it’s a once-a-year favorite. It includes my favorite food group: salty and sweet.

Instead of people pouring through our front door, it was a much smaller gathering than expected. But we had fun and enjoyed every minute of our Thanksgiving meal from prep, eating and much-deserved nap to follow.

I’m quite sure the gnomes are enjoying having a puppy in the house this year. There’s no telling what goes on when we go to bed each night. I am sure they are up to no good!

You hope your children have tender and gracious memories of their childhood holidays. But just recently my son brought up the insane reindeer we had (as I am sure many of you did as well) that would CONSTANTLY topple over. It had a bum leg so it teetered off balance at all times. Just looking at it for longer than a mere glance was usually enough to bring it to a pile of wood in the middle of the living room. The expletives he now includes in the reindeer’s descriptions do not bring forth merriment and fondness. -ha!

That rickety reindeer has long been gone but a few years ago I found this smaller version and snatched it up. The funny memories it brings to mind was worth it. This one, luckily, is much smaller and much more balanced!

Last year I was gifted this Willow Tree nativity scene. I had momentarily forgotten about it until I started unpacking the Christmas boxes this year and was pleasantly surprised all over again. I have never been more grateful for a humble baby and His saving grace. I marvel at the resolute dedication of a young teenage mother and a faithful fiance’. So many families have seen death and suffering this year – all around the world. Jesus walks before us. The path may not be easy or end as we desire, but His hand is there to offer comfort. He can lighten the load we bear, whether it be the heaviness of worry or the tragedy of loss. May we be as faithful as the holy trio as well as those who took up the faith and followed the Star.

NOEL. An exclamation of joy at Jesus’ birth. My personal prayer is to loosen the grip on the burden of fear this holiday and concentrate on the joy of a guiding Father. The joy of birth.

We wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving. I understand the disappointment and discouragement attached to plans being cancelled or minimized. It is a difficult year. But it is also a forced-opportunity to spend less time maximizing on the unimportant details and further appreciate the simple blessings of breath and connection and irreplaceable memories.

The deepest love and gratitude, from our house to yours –


12 responses to “Deeply thankful.”

  1. Anita S Borchers Avatar
    Anita S Borchers

    Thank you for your perspective Greta. As always, greatly appreciate your emotional and spot-on writing. Much joy and happiness to you and Scott, and your families, this holiday season and into the coming new year. May God bless us, everyone.

  2. Scott Sutherland Avatar

    What a great week it was. I enjoyed every minute of the holiday immersion. I love you tons.

  3. Justine Avatar

    Your post brought me to tears with your beautiful words and pictures. Thank you for the perspective.

  4. Greta Sutherland Avatar

    Oh thank you so much, Justine. I hope your Thanksgiving is blessed. Thanks for your sweet comment.

  5. Greta Sutherland Avatar

    Thank you, Anita! I hope you have an especially sweet Thanksgiving. And thanks for your encouraging comment.

  6. Greta Sutherland Avatar

    Thanks, babe. I’m so thankful for you!

  7. Hannah Williams Avatar
    Hannah Williams

    That pretzel salad tho! You didnt even have to call me. Also, VERY cute family picture. Lol

  8. Greta Sutherland Avatar

    Thanks, dear. Nope, the salad was a great success. I even sprinkled coarse sea salt over the pretzel layer before baking it. Yumm!!

  9.  Avatar

    Your home like your words are so beautiful! Giving us all such a wonderful message of hope and joy! Sending you so much love today and everyday!! Wishing you a Holiday season filled with peace and joy❤️

  10. Greta Sutherland Avatar

    Thank you for such a sweet comment 🤍 Hoping your holidays are filled with fun and food and many blessings.

  11. Sandra Cosway Avatar
    Sandra Cosway

    Such a beautiful, meaningfully written piece. “Someone” is definitely trying to tell us something “upstairs”.

  12. Greta Sutherland Avatar

    Definitely trying to slow us down! (And thank you for this nice comment.)

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